Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

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Similar to the previous games in the series, Infinite Warfare is a first-person shooter. As the game college introduces a new setting, outer space, new gameplay mechanics, such as zero-gravity environments, are included.

Players are equipped with a boost pack, and a grappling hook, which allow players to Sarvajanika move in these zero-gravity environments easily. As the game полет ray bans sale is set in space, players cheap nba jerseys can visit different planets, satellites and asteroids in the solar system.

Assuming control of Captain Nick Reyes, a Tier 1 Special Operations pilot, Gears ray ban outlet players will engage in aerial combat with enemies using his transforming fighter, the Jackal. Aerial combat is 2016-11-02 not on-rail, as players can freely cheap nhl jerseys control the Jackal geht without much limitations. According to Infinity Ward, both space combat, wholesale nfl jerseys and Wholesale China Jerseys the franchise’s wholesale jerseys signature “boot-in-the-ground” gameplay are the game’s key focuses, Transition between space 1 combat and cheap jerseys boots-on-the-ground combat is seamless with no loading screen.

Players gain access to Retribution, a central hub world. In Retribution, players can view cheap oakleys sunglasses their progression, and start main campaign missions, cheap mlb jerseys and secondary quests called “Ship Assaults” which gives them cosmetic and customization items, upgrades to the cheap jerseys free shipping Jackal, as well as new story details. Reyes cheap jerseys also has a wrist computer, which allows him to hack into enemies’ gadgets and machines such as robots. It can also be used to call in <a href="" oakley outlet target=”_blank”>custom jerseys reinforcements at some campaign scenarios.

Release Date

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is the thirteenth primary installment in the Call of Duty series and is set to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 cheap mlb jerseys and Xbox One on November 4, 2016.